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The Regular or Standard Bikini Wax

For the ladies, this wax removes all your hair outside of the brief style panty line. This is a very conservative wax, perfect if you need a clean line for a swim suite or athletic brief.

The E.O.

For the gentlemen, the most conservative wax would be our E.O. wax, or the Equipment Only wax. The hair is removed from the penis and scrotum only.

"Really enjoyed the professionalism and quality of work here"

- Travis Swanson

The Brazilian Bikini Wax

This is a very modest wax for ladies and is all about the backside! It leaves a rectangle-like stripe or triangular shape in the vaginal area; two to three fingers in width. The hair is NOT removed from the labia (outer folds of the vulva also called the lips). Hair is removed from the derriere (buttocks) and in the cleft between them. The name for the look was made famous by Brazilian women that wear tiny thong bikinis, as you could never spot any hair when looking from behind. With Brazilian wax, it's not what you leave up front, it's what you don't leave as viewed from behind.  

Bikini Waxing Patterns

The Playboy Bikini Wax

Basically, we will remove all the hair from the vulva/genital region leaving a small "landing strip" in various shapes on top of the pubic mound. All hair is removed from the labia; all hair is removed from the derriere.


This is an excellent choice if you tend to have the dreaded, swampy condition or suffer from yeast infections. From a hygienic perspective, this can be the best option for easy cleansing and drying of the genital area. Genital hair tends to trap moisture creating a perfect warm moist environment for a host of bacteria and fungal infections. If you happen to have psoriasis in the genital region, this is the wax we would recommend, you'd be surprised how quickly it seems to clear up once waxed.

EC2 Pattern

This is what you would see on male adult film stars and the most popular male wax. It includes removing the hair from the equipment, crack, and cheeks if needed. We will also take it off the sides above the "equipment" leaving the hair above the penis in a shape and pattern of your choosing. As the equipment is now visible as reported in Men's Health Magazine, it tends to make the package look larger and fuller. If you are an athlete and are battling swampy fungus issues, this is the wax for you.

The Sphinx or Bare All Bikini Wax

This is for men and women. For the ladies, hair is entirely removed from the vulva area, labia, and from the derriere. It literally bares all. Sometimes, this treatment is referred to as the full monte bikini wax. For the gentlemen, this would be removing all their hair that would be covered by brief-style underwear. If you would like the upper thighs done, perhaps you would like the boxer brief pattern which removes what would have been covered by a boxer brief style of underwear.

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