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electrolysis consultation

Electrolysis Consultation

Our consultations are not meant to pressure you in any manner.  I will help you be comfortable with the process of waxing or Electrolysis procedures.  

During your consultation

• Explanation of how our procedures work with the hair anatomy and growth cycle

• Advice as to which method would work best for your hair growth pattern

• Assessment of treatment plans and appointment scheduling - maximum results in minimum time

• Sample treatment session to help show how comfortable waxing and electrolysis can be

• A patch test checking for any allergic reactions, and to assess how your skin will react to the treatment

• Explanation of aftercare instructions to keep your skin looking its best.

• Take your personal contact information

• Take your personal medical history to assess your hair growth issues

"It's rare to find someone with such passion for her work. This isn't just about business. Jill cares about people and genuinely loves helping them. "

- Christine R. 

What to bring to your consultation

During your complementary consultation, make sure you bring your legal driver's license or other government issued identification. Also bring a copy of your past medical history.

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